The Major and Wonder Woman

Like all young girls of my generation Wonder Woman was a great favorite of mine. Besides the beautiful artwork and all the Greek mythology and the women in charge I was wild about that costume. What little girl doesn’t want to dress up in an outfit like that? It’s the princess tiara with the tutu—perfect! Anybody wanna give DC a clue about that?

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So it was with gleeful anticipation that I made my way to meet Pete Marston, one of the heirs to William Moulton Marston who originated Wonder Woman and to meet Pete’s Wonder Woman daughter, Christie Marston. Pete and Christie and I immediately starting chatting away as if we were catching up on a conversation we had just left. Pete is a lovely gentleman, sharp, articulate and he has great stories to tell as well as some surprising stories about his own participation with Wonder Woman. Christie, is super smart as you would imagine, super organized and the three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. They made me feel completely at home and it was a real comic book family event. One of the things that became immediately apparent is that Pete and I have the same interests—Comic Book History and its preservation. We couldn’t stop talking and it was many hours later that I finally started back to the Berkshires.

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The picture of the two us with Wonder Woman was taken in Pete’s Wonder Woman Museum and I’ll try to get some more pics of the museum up soon. It is incredible and the only way I can possibly describe it is to say it is crammed with toys, light switches, clocks, lamps, games, books, comics, figures, and just about every single object you can imagine from the 1940’s to yesterday and from countries all over the world that has Wonder Woman on it. Absolutely Amazing. Those of you who are serious collectors, don’t even bother, the good ones are in the vault. Just don’t drool, please.

Pete and I are going to be at Comic Con this weekend in New York continuing our conversation talking about our respective comic book families. I’m going to focus on the Major’s pulp fiction which is one of my favorite things to talk about and how that translated to the first comics and Pete is going to talk about growing up with Wonder Woman. It should be fascinating and fun. I can’t wait to hear what Pete has to say.

Come and join us if you love Comic Book History and want to have Fun as much as we do.

Saturday, October 9 at 3:15 in Room 1A15.

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  1. New York Comic Con 2010 October 23, 2010 at 8:02 am - Reply

    […] I visited Pete as noted in an earlier post and we talked about what and how we would present. I planned to present more in depth about the Major’s pulp fiction adventure stories and how that translated to the comics and Pete planned to talk about what it was like growing up in a household with Wonder Woman ever present. Our panel was under the auspices of the Comic Studies group—the Institute of Comics Studies, a non-profit group organized to promote critical studies of comic books for those in the academic field who are teaching popular culture. It is a great group of people chaired by Peter Coogan and the panels are attended by people who are genuinely interested in comic book history. The crowd is always attentive and very knowledgeable. You’d better know what you’re talking about with this group and be able to relate it articulately. It is a great pleasure talking about the Major’s work in front of people who appreciate it and understand the context without long involved explanations. […]

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