Post ComicCon

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's Eisner Award. Finally. What an amazing time we have had. We came to Comic Con somewhat defensively given some of the negativity that we have encountered about The Major, especially on the web and what we found was, for the most part, people who are more than receptive. Of course, [...]

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Friday, ComicCon 2008

Well, we made it. Ten of us from the Wheeler-Nicholson family are here at the giant ComicCon 2008. It is the first time for any of us to attend this event. What can you say? If you haven't been it's almost impossible to describe. San Diego is a beautiful city. We're right here looking out [...]

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The Major, no cartoon character, he.

©Finn Andreen Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, our pater familias, known as "the Major" was the founder of DC Comics, created the first comic books with original scripts and original art and discovered Siegel and Shuster of Superman fame among just a few events in his adventurous life. The nice people at ComicCon decided they [...]

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