After all the Comic Con excitement it’s time for some pulp excitement. I’m heading down to New Jersey on Saturday so that I can attend Pulp AdventureCon sponsored by Bold Venture Press. This event has been ongoing for several years and I missed last year and promised myself that wouldn’t happen again so I’m heading out no matter what.  Pulp AdventureCon will be held at the Ramada Inn in Bordentown, NJ and some of my favorite people will be there. I have been corresponding with Rich Harvey of Bold Venture Press and he very kindly sent me the information. I’m looking forward to learning more about what Rich does and seeing for myself all the projects that he has initiated including this title from last year–Deadly Dames “Sometimes the last standing man is a woman…” That title appealed to me for some reason.

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Here is the link with all the pertinent info.

Having barely survived the intensity of Comic Con it will be wonderful to have a more intimate venue to be able to talk with these guys who know their pulps. As I confessed to pulp meister John Locke, I am showing all the signs of becoming an obsessed collector of pulps. Here is a prime example. Why do these ebay guys put scotch tape on the plastic holders when they should know that yours truly will inevitably end up sticking the tape to the pulp as I pull it out of the cover and possibly ruining it and tearing it? Why oh why? These are some of the mysteries of the universe that I trust will be solved by those  in the know on Saturday.

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John Locke, by the way, is my guru on all things pulp and some of life’s great questions. I will do my best not to embarrass you, John. He has written and co-written books on Pulp Fiction including Pulp Fictioneers, which is on my top ten “I need to have already read this” list. If you love pulps you should read anything John has written. You can find most of them at Adventure House Press right here. John is also one of those amazingly kind and generous people I have come to know in these adventures.

Speaking of Adventure House, I can’t wait to finally meet John Gunnison who first took pity on me and sent me in the right directions. My most favorite recent remark from John G. after one of my usual novice (idiotic) questions was a reply something to the effect–don’t worry, he’s not talking about “real” pulp fiction. I was thrilled that I knew exactly what he meant! I think I finally got a yellow or green belt or something. John who is one of the masters of the universe of pulps also publishes reprints and thank goodness because there are those pulps that you simply cannot get anywhere or they’re way out of the budget range. There are some sites I just don’t even allow myself to peek at except every once in a great while. John has a wonderful site and he knows his pulps thus the “real” pulp remark. He and John Locke helped me solidify the Major’s list of pulps. And I actually had a few they didn’t know. The current total is 117 novels, novellas, short stories and serials and doesn’t include reprints, simultaneous appearances, translations or the pseudonyms! How’s that for being prolific? I am looking forward to seeing all the great material John has, learning more about him and gathering a few more clues. It’s going to be very hard to stick to the budget.

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I am hoping to meet the incredible Mike Chomko who may be there and have a chance to really chat with the legendary Jim Steranko. I could barely control my excitement at getting to meet him in New York at Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness I’m a mere girl so I can be just as thrilled as I want. My pal Bruce Canwell over at The Library of American Comics is one of a handful of guys to bridge the comics/pulp gap. Bruce will always help a girl out and he kindly threw a few hints my way so I’ll do my best to be a little smarter by the time Saturday rolls around.

Of course, I know a thing or two myself about the esteemed grandpapa’s pulp fiction even if I don’t know the entire scope and history of the genre so I might be able to hold my own. Wish me luck. Whatever happens I’m going to come back with a few prizes for the collection and I’m sure I will learn a lot and you know it’s going to be Big Fun. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.