Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson was an extraordinary man who lived an adventurous life right out of the pulp stories he wrote and comic book strips he created. For many years after he was pushed out of the company he created–DC Comics–little was known about him. This blog and the website are an attempt to correct misinformation that has persisted and to encourage comic book historians, comic book fans, military historians and pulp fiction historians and fans to learn more about “the Major” and his many accomplishments. In keeping with MWN’s values and ideals it is also a place to remember the artists and writers who contributed to the early comics and a place to encourage those who continue to create great characters and stories that keep us all entertained.


About the Heading:

Special thanks to Howard Cruse for permission to use the copyrighted drawing of the Major and to Finn Andreen for use of the copyrighted photo of the Major reading a book. The third photo of the Major as a young army professional is used by permission of the Wheeler-Nicholson Family archives.