I have spoken about Alex Simmons many times in this blog. Alex is a wonderful comic book writer for Archie Comics and his own comic book BlackJack featuring an African-American hero. And that’s not all. He and Eugene Adams, a teacher at Bronx Community College have been presenting Kids Comic Con for the last years to great success. They have a brand new project which is absolutely fantastic. They’re taking Kids Comic Con to Senegal!


I was going to post and encourage people to donate to Kickstarter which is easy and a secure way to donate to good causes that don’t need a million bucks. I’m putting the links in here so you can jump in to this great cause. When I wrote my draft of this last night they were only a few dollars away from meeting their goal of $5,000. This morning Alex emailed me and told me they made it so I am thrilled. It’s a great cause and you can still donate for the next 3 days as I’m sure they can do even more with a few more dollars.

Be sure and check out the Kids Comic Con site. Alex is doing such great work by encouraging new readers through comics. This is something my grandfather, the Major believed in wholeheartedly and I know he would love what Alex is doing. Alex has promised to keep me up to date and I’m really looking forward to sharing the pictures! I am very envious because I have been listening to Georges Collinet of AfroPop for years and Senegal has some amazing musicians including Baaba Maal and Youssou N’Dour. So you have to have a fabulous time Alex, for all of us. Congratulations, Alex and Eugene.