I’ve spent 20 plus years of my life attempting to get my grandfather’s story out to the world. I’ve dealt with industry pushback, gender prejudice at my audacity to wade into an area where no women tread, and lack of funding and support so that most of what I’ve done has been completely on my own with my own funds. In spite of that I’ve managed to make some great friends and gain wonderful support from some of the best of you in the industry. I am grateful.

The Major c. 1948 in Sweden. © Finn Andreen.

Besides the fear of our collective health and our collective economic survival, like every one of you I have my own personal disappointments. Finally, after all these years, I got DC to at least acknowledge the Major’s contributions and even though they didn’t really give all that much attention to it, the fact that they finally reprinted New Fun #1 was a huge step in the right direction. So now that’s over. I have no idea if that will ever see the light of day now. It’s a bit heartbreaking. I’m not young.

NWN at the door to DC Archives in Burbank. March 2019.

However, I’m not one to give up. I am grateful for what I have been given from my grandparents—courage and spirit.


We are all aware of the health issues. I am not a medical person. I’m simply doing my best to follow protocol to take care of myself and not spread the virus. The other major issue is economic. I have never understood the byzantine manner in which comics wend their way to the public. It seems antiquated and cumbersome to me but I do not have not the years in the industry that others of you do and I appreciate your points of view.

Comic Book writers, artists, comics historians, etc. is there a way we can cooperate and provide a place for people to buy and promote our products besides depending on Amazon or other venues? I’m happy to provide the Major’s website product page or anything else I can do to help. I appreciate that publishers, distributors and stores need help and we should all cooperate to help one another. However, we’re the bottom line here. Without us there is no content to sell, distribute or produce. Instead of being left to ourselves to sink or swim how about we figure out a way to help one another. There are plenty of bright people who know far more than I do about how to deal with this economic crisis. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

H.J. Ward painting of Superman © respective holders.