The Major’s Comics Evolve: DC’s First Annual–The Big Book of Fun Comics

This is a continuing look at DC Comics beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935. A number of changes occurred between the appearance of New Fun #4 on newsstands, April 12, 1935 and the appearance of New Comics #1 on November 12, 1935. Although in hindsight there is a sense of shaky foundations there [...]

New Fun #6–Siegel and Shuster’s first appearance in DC Comics

For Super Sleuth DC Fans: An ongoing look at 86 years of DC Comics, beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935 through March 1938. Contributor mini bios: Leighton Budd, Ed Stevenson, Henry Muheim, Connie Naar New Fun #6 arrived on newsstands September 13, 1935 a little over 85 years ago. It was the October [...]

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