Sandra/Sondra of the Secret Service: What’s in a name?

A heroine of 1930’s comics returns! “Sondra of the Secret Service and The Cuban Affair,” story by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and art by Lee Marrs is currently appearing as a serial in David Lloyd’s online magazine Aces Weekly. David Lloyd, artist for V for Vendetta is carrying on the Major’s legacy with his innovative online publishing [...]

New Fun #1: The Major’s Modern Era of Comics Begins

For Super Sleuth DC Fans: An ongoing look at 86 years of DC Comics, beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935 through March 1938. Contributor mini bios: Lloyd Jacquet, Rexford L. May, D. Henry Cushing, Richard Loederer, Sheldon Stark New Fun #1 published by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson marks the beginning of DC Comics 85 [...]

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