The Major adds a new DC title–85 years ago–New Comics #1

A continuing look at 86 years of DC Comics, beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935 through March 1938. New Comics #1, published by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, appeared on newsstands November 12, 1935, a little over 85 years ago. It was an appropriate title. The second magazine title published after New Funs 1-6 had [...]

“The Major”

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson had an extraordinary military career. Just recently I spent time in the National Archives in Washington, DC once again sifting through files there. One of the treasures found was MWN's test for entry into the US Army. His test score—99 out of 100! That’s pretty impressive, I’d say. From photos, family stories [...]

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