DC Comics 85 years ago–More Fun #7

For Super Sleuth DC Fans: An ongoing look at 86 years of DC Comics, beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935 through March 1938. DC Comics dates its history from January 1935 with New Fun #1. Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s foray into comic book publishing in the midst of the Depression continued into 1936 with [...]

The Major adds a new DC title–85 years ago–New Comics #1

A continuing look at 86 years of DC Comics, beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935 through March 1938. New Comics #1, published by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, appeared on newsstands November 12, 1935, a little over 85 years ago. It was an appropriate title. The second magazine title published after New Funs 1-6 had [...]

The Major’s Comics Evolve: DC’s First Annual–The Big Book of Fun Comics

This is a continuing look at DC Comics beginning with New Fun #1, January 11, 1935. A number of changes occurred between the appearance of New Fun #4 on newsstands, April 12, 1935 and the appearance of New Comics #1 on November 12, 1935. Although in hindsight there is a sense of shaky foundations there [...]

New Fun #6–Siegel and Shuster’s first appearance in DC Comics

New Fun #6 arrived on newsstands September 13, 1935 a little over 85 years ago. It was the October issue and 24-year-old Vincent Sullivan’s comic “Charley Fish” was on the cover with a red background. It followed the same format as New Fun #5. With New Fun #6, the last of the rare tabloid sized [...]

New Fun #4 and #5–85 Years of DC Comics and the Fans

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s New Fun #4 arrived on newsstands 85 years ago April 12, 1935 with a cover date of May. The Major also had a pulp story published in May 1935, Thrilling Adventures, “Riders of the Wild Mesa.” It was the second of only three pulp stories published during the Major’s era in comics. [...]

New Fun #2 and New Fun #3–85 Years of DC Comics

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s New Fun #2 appeared on newsstands on February 8, 1935--85 years ago a little less than a month after New Fun #1 on January 11. It was followed a month later by New Fun #3 on March 8, 1935. The Major stated in the forced bankruptcy case that they were working 3-4 [...]

Why New Fun #1 Matters

This year is the 85th anniversary of DC Comics by their reckoning. However, DC or Detective Comics did not appear until March 1937 so why does DC count their anniversary from January 1935? That’s a good question and one I’d love to hear answered by someone in the PR department of ATT. According to that [...]

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Of Pandemics and Racial Injustice

After several years of various slings and arrows slung in my direction, I am completing a full biography of my grandfather, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, the founder of DC Comics. Recently I’ve been focusing on the chapters about his military career. I’ve noted several of these events in earlier blogs. With the circumstances of the virus [...]

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Calling All Cars: New Fun #1 is Here

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, my grandfather, created a comic entitled Sandy Kean, Calling all Cars, Sandy Kean and the Radio Squad wisely shortened to Radio Squad. It was classic Depression era material. Sandy Kean, a detective on the police force answers the siren call and goes after the bad guys—mafia types who are preying on the [...]

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